From our Partner ClinixMis


October 2 2015

You’ve probably heard about the discontinuation of ClinixMD, the electronic medical record product. ClinixMD, the EMR product, is owned by CSS/Ormed; ClinixPM practice management software is a completely different product owned by a different company.

ClinixPM practice management software isn’t going anywhere. It is alive, well, and owned by ECI Healthcare Partners, a 43-years-strong company years old that boasts $250 million in annual revenue and $150 million in assets.

Since purchasing ClinixPM in 2012, ECI Healthcare Partners has invested heavily in ClinixPM and plans to continue doing so. As a result, the ClinixPM product is stronger than ever. We are delivering new features on a continuous cycle. And our customer service is the envy of the industry. ECI Healthcare Partners and the entire Clinix team is devoted to making ClinixPM the best practice management system available, and we want you to know we’re here to stay.

If you are not a ClinixMD user, you have nothing to fear; ClinixPM is not changing, your current EMR is fine, and you don’t need to do a thing but enjoy the benefits of our reliability and stability. However, if you are using ClinixMD as your EMR, we are happy to help you transition to any of the quality EMR vendors with whom we work.

ClinixPM is your trusted partner, and we are here to stay.  Count on it.